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The wonderful feeling when you are in love is often described as walking on making it one of the most sought after feelings for man. There is even a chemical that can make you feel this way and can be found in the brain. This substance called phenylethylamine which also earned the accolade the "Love Drug" because it simulates the sensation of being in love, in bags labeled. Even if it is available in supplement form, the chemical that makes love can also be obtained from natural sources, the most popular of them are chocolate. Now you know why one of these men, when courting a woman is the chocolate?

Phenylethylamine, otherwise known as PEA acts as a neuromodulator (monoamine AS) thus has the influence over dopamine and norepinephrine transmission. It also acts as a stimulant of neuronal receptors. This function has a hand in improving and enhancing acetylcholine release by glutamatergic system. Therefore, the mood improves. This effect on mood may explain why the disease ADHD hyperactivity disorder or attention deficit is associated with low levels of this substance, some types of depression, while high levels of chemicals have been associated with schizophrenia.

These effects on the central nervous system makes phenylethylamine taken as a dietary supplement to improve attention, concentration and mood. As an essential amino acid that is necessary for the central nervous system to function properly, it has also been found useful to control symptoms of depression and chronic pain and other disorders of the central nervous system problems.

Phenylethylamine may also be helpful\l when taken with fat burning and other energy supplements because it can act in synergy with the mechanisms of their action.
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Some people say that, "Happiness is all in the mind," without knowing that that thinking has a scientific basis in the form of the chemical substance called phenylethylamine HCl. Phenylethylamine HCl, otherwise known as phenylethylamine or PEA is a chocolate component that is responsible for temporarily lifting your mood when you eat this candy. This makes wallowing in a chocolate binge when you are depressed scientifically acceptable. With reference to this, even the giving of chocolates to women by their lovers, even if they do not know it, involves some science to it, as well, as it also has some effect on how you feel when you are in love. 

PEA naturally exists in the body and performs its task on regions of the brain associated with the state of your mood, the feelings of pleasure, love, passion, the level of your mental focus and awareness. To help you imagine how it affects you, recall instances when you were extremely captivated by what you were doing, perhaps listening to classical music or your favorite rock n' roll track, or reading a page-turner, or when you were intimately kissing the girl or guy of your dreams, and the world freeze in its tracks, or it seemed to not exist at all and other things do not seem to matter at the moment because you were so absorbed with the activity. The concentration of PEA in the brain during such times is raised. The times when you are in love and and ecstatic also produce the same effect to the level of PEA in the brain. Because of this, PEA was named "love molecule." PEA also comes in the form of a supplement which you can take orally. Unsurprisingly, this supplement is nicknamed the "love drug."

When orally taken, phenylethylamine HCl easily crosses the blood brain barrier, hence, making it possible for it to quickly perform its tasks in the brain.  
In the brain, it occupies the receptors normally meant for dopamine. This causes dopamine concentration freely circulating to rise, hence, leading to dopaminergic transmission. With this effect, mental focus is intensified and mood is brightened.

Additionally, PEA has also been demonstrated to instigate norepinephrine transmission, a process in the body that increases the feeling of elation and dampens appetite. A third effect of phenylethylamine HCL is as an appetite suppressant, an effect also associated with the scenario earlier depicted when you were so absorbed by an activity that other things seem to disappear, even the feeling of hunger. Because of this effect on appetite, phenylethylamine HCl has been helpful in facilitating weight loss when used together with other fat burning drugs. 

If you want to take phenylethylamine HCl to benefit from its effects, it is recommended that you first consult your physician as you may have conditions that may render you not suited to take this supplement.
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